/Boom Bap BBQ

Motion graphics / Live visuals

BoomBapBBQ was a day of hip-hop showcase gigs, food, themed games and DJ sets held as part as part of Bodytonic’s Beatyard events.

The overall visual concept of the event was inspired by old-school 80's hip-hop posters. With the artists Mick Minogue who designed the event poster (and built the games for the event) and Classquatch, I produced a mini-site along with motion graphics for use throughout the day.

Motion sequences included an overall intro for the event, an intro for each act, a sequence for a themed table quiz and other slots.

I also acted as VJ for the event, sequencing the various visuals for each of the acts in real-time. Having many times previously worked with the headlining act, the Animators, I hads a separate visual show specifically for them.

Country Blossoms site

Much of the visual content was created and changed on the fly, for example creating a small script to drag in hashtagged photos from Instagram as people posted them and using them with the visuals .

This gave a personalised and reactive aspect to the visuals over the day, and allowed the audience to interact with the event, while helping to promote the event through social media.

  • The Animators / Bodytonic
  • Visual design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Live Visuals