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Opened in September 2014, Chill Restaurant is based in Maynooth, catering to families as well as students of the nearby college campus.

I developed a comprehensive brand identity system for use across all materials including the interior design, menus, signage and promotional material.

Chill Branding

The identity was based around the social aspect of the restaurant. Built into the brand was the idea of incongruous and quirky icons - conversation points. These icons, such as the barking bird, could be used across the design of the restaurant as a visual language.

Wall design
Pillar design
Wall designs

As part of the rollout of the identity, graphic pieces were designed for the interior of the restaurant. These included a 14-metre print along the back wall and pillar and the below designs dotted around other walls.

Wall designs
Wall designs
Wall designs

A suite of menus was produced, including dinner, breakfast and drinks. Two different styles of t-shirts were designed for servers.

Breakfast menu
Dessert menu

Server tees
Astronaut icon
Loyalty and discount cards
Invites and prmotional postcards

Printed collateral included loyalty and discount cards, promotional postcards and invites.

All photography was styled and produced by Scarlett Nymph. Interior design by Ann at Image Interiors.

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